Dannii gets the chop

While Dannii Minogue is probably busy at the moment, what with having to tweet hourly pictures of her new baby, and give orders to the nanny, it still must be fairly annoying to be axed from the XFactor just as the new season has kicked off. According to reports, Dannii will be handed a P45 at the end of the cuurent round of singing/blubbing/moving montages.

A source told The Sun, 'It's no secret that her determination to do this year's show annoyed people. Some very senior figures hoped she would step aside so they could find a new judge and keep some degree of continuity between the auditions and the live shows.'

Now let's all cross our fingers and do an XFactor rain dance to ensure that Nicole 'so boring I make Geri Halliwell look acerbic' Scherzinger does not get the gig...

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