Dannii Beeb bound?

While the world reacted with shock and sadness to the news that Dannii Minogue will probably be replaced on X Factor by some goon out of N-Dubz, the BBC has sprung into action. Beeb bosses are keen to sign Dannii for their reality show, 'The Voice' which nobody watches, and which could definitely do with an injection of star power.

A BBC insider told The Sun, 'Bosses really want Dannii, as she was hugely popular on the X Factor and really knows her stuff. She mentored Matt Cardle to the crown last year and is really good with contestants.'

Meanwhile Max Clifford appeared on This Morning to defend his pal Simon, saying, 'He definitely wanted to keep her in because she was very popular and has worked very well. But in the last few months, because of the American X Factor, this X Factor has had an awful lot of juggling going on.'

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