Danni Minogue is top of Rebecca Loos' shaglist

Poor Danni Minogue has had a rough ride of it recently what with all the sniping about how cold and heartless she is on X Factor, but at least she still has one fan: Rebecca Loos.

The bisexual reality TV regular, once famous for maybe porking David Beckham had her enhanced chest pups papped for the current issue of Zoo Magazine recently, and while she was at it was asked to choose who she would most like to bump uglies with out of Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue. Controversially, Looseat plumped for the latter.

"Dannii's more shaggable. Cheryl’s beautiful but I’d rather take Dannii to bed" she said branding Cole 'too boney'. In case anyone was in any doubt, Loos then added, “I love my body more than ever – I love my breasts. I can’t stop taking my clothes off." Even with the current wintry weather? Brreugh.

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