Danni Minogue disappoints at G.A.Y

Always the bridesmaid never the bride - that's Danni Minogue's motto. The younger, less brilliant on every level sister of Kylie, disappointed crowds at G.A.Y at the weekend - simply by turning up.

G.A.Y was celebrating it's last ever night at The Astoria on Saturday, and the crowd had been promised a farewell performance by a pint sized Minogue. They assumed (naturally) it would be patron saint of G·A.Y - Kylie. So when the curtain went up and Danni bounded out there was an audible groan of disappointment. Danni gallantly camped it up a bit in a giant, ridiculous wedding dress but she'd lost the crowd at 'hello'.

Patience young Danni. Your time will come. Just not in Astoria - or any other of Kylie's stomping grounds!

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