Daniel Radcliffe to Play British Olympic Medallist Sebastian Coe

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will be playing Olympic Gold medallist Sebastian Coe in an upcoming biopic about the man who’s famous to the older generations because of his Olympic exploits and to a younger generations due to his work as chairman of the London 2012 Olympic Games organisation committee.

The new movie, Gold, has been written by Simon Beaufoy (Oscar winner for Slumdog Millionaire) and Will Davies (How to Train Your Dragon) and will be directed by James Watkins, who was at the helm of The Woman in Black, Radcliffe’s first movie after the final Harry Potter movie. The script tells the story of Coe’s rivalry with Steve Ovett and leads up to the 1980 Moscow games. Production duties are shared between Joanna Anderson and Vicky Licorish (Small Island) and Kevin Loader (Hyde Park on Hudson) and the money’s coming from BBC Films, the independent film making arm of the BBC, and the British Film Institute. Christine Langan, BBC Films chief exec, will be executive producer, and additional financing will be provided by Ingenious Senior Film Fund, represented by Gavin Poolman.

Gold is based on the Pat Butcher’s book The Perfect Distance. She will also acts as a consultant on the project, which is good news. Whether there will be any input from Sebastian Coe, and more importantly his take on the whole project, isn’t yet known.

With so many stakeholders involved we’re pleased that they managed to secure Radcliffe’s signature as his presence should attract enough addition for movie to make its money back. Embankment Films, headed by Tim Haslam and Hugo Grumbar, will be introducing the film to worldwide distributors at the upcoming American Film Market. If it’s anywhere as good as this year’s Formula One biopic, Rush, we should be in for an interesting and entertaining movie.

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