Daniel Craig says Bond days may be numbered

After the premiere of the new Bond movie Skyfall, Daniel Craig admitted that his spell as 007 would have a natural limit. He is contracted for another two Bond films and it seems unlikely that he would remain in the role after that, despite the critical acclaim he has received.

"I think that's a fair number," Craig said. "But I'm not going to make predictions, because people have to go and see the movie, so until they do go and see the movie, we can't make another one. But I'm not going to outstay my welcome, someone else will have to have a crack at this."

Craig admits he enjoyed working with director Sam Mendes on Skyfall. Mendes has already suggested he might be amenable to making another Bond movie. "I'd love to work with him again," Craig said, "but I'm not going to get myself into trouble by suggesting he would or should or could."

Craig thought Skyfall benefited from its classic Bond references: "I think Sam Mendes has made a very beautiful movie, first and foremost,” he said, “but it really is a great Bond movie. I always wanted to get the old Bond trademarks into the movie, and we had the chance. It was just a joy to put some of the gags in and get some of the old characters back. I think they're very important."

Mendes admitted that it had been Craig who persuaded him to direct Skyfall. "It wasn't until Daniel asked me 'do you fancy doing a Bond movie?' and I had a feeling immediately, and I'm so glad he asked me the question."

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