Dancing on (Vanilla) Ice's grave

Former rapper Vanilla Ice was last night voted off Dancing on Ice, despite receiving good marks for his performance of Justin Timberlake's 'Like I Love You'. Pip Schofield called the decision 'a nightmare'.

According to The Daily Mail Vanilla kept his cool even after being voted off, saying, 'Everything here has been just amazing, I appreciate the whole experience.'

The Dancing on Ice judges were clearly ordered to make terrible 'iced' puns (yep, just like that one) throughout the evening. Robin said, 'You took on the matador persona but I missed the Vanilla flavour.' Jason told the rapper, 'I thought you got the balance right. You had the essence of flamenco but Vanilla did creep in.' While Emma admitted that she 'melted' when the star looked at her during his performance.

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