Dancing on Ice

In TV land, no sooner does one fairly ropey show displaying the distinctly average talents of celebrities end, than another waltzes on to take its place. So, it's 'farewell' Strictly Come Dancing and 'well, hello there!' Dancing on Ice. And so the Great British Public is kept sedated, with thoughts of rioting kept at bay. Last night's episode of Dancing on Ice was a first for the show - a pre-series 'skate-off' to determine who will make it to the first episode.

Angela Rippon, best known for her high kicks during the groan inducing 'Children in Need' news-reader dances, was first to waltz off the ice. She told Philip, 'I am gutted. I've had a wonderful time. It's been tremendous learning to skate.' While fellow skating loser Nadia Sawalha added, 'I'm gonna miss everyone. (My partner) Mark Hanretty is the most beautiful skater and nobody saw how beautiful he is. Maybe next year.'

Elen Rivas, Denise Welch, Chloe Madeley, Jennifer Metcalfe, Dominic Cook, Craig McLachlan, Dave Vitty and Sam Attwater will skate for a place on the show next week.

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