Dancing on Ice 2014: Series 9 Week 4 Dance Week

Nine of the best remained in Dancing on Ice 2014 and they were all back on the ice last night to again skate to keep their place in the show and compete to be champion of champions. This week they all had to choose a dance style to bring to their performance on the ice.

First up on the night was Kyran Bracken. He kicked the dance week off by taking rock 'n' roll to the ice. He was followed by Suzanne Shaw who took ballet to the ice with a pretty in pink performance. The judges were split – literally Robin and Karen seated on the left scored the performance 7.5 out of 10 while Ashley and Jason on the right both scored it 9 out of 10.

Gareth Gates brought a bit of street to the ice with a hip hop performance. It wasn’t a bad performance but Jason Gardiner thought he was as street as Sesame Street.

Bonnie Tyler was waltzing on ice with partner Andrei who had to get a quick crash course in waltzing before the live performance.

An ad break and we were treated to a live performance from Rebecca Ferguson and the masters of the ice Torvil and Dean treated us to some real dancing on ice.

Back to the celebrities and Sam Attwater was skating Bhangra style and impressed the judges and took the lead at that point with a score of 34.5 out of 40. Zarrah Abrahams managed a series best so far with a score of 32 taking tap dancing to the ice.

Beth Tweedle went back to her roots with a Scottish Dancing style routine which was fast and furious to Avicci’s Hey Brother. She impressed all the judges particularly hard to impress Jason Gardiner. Not only that she piped Sam Attwater to take the lead.

Hayley bounced around the ice with her partner Dan to a modern Charleston and she blew the judges away and scored a massive 38 knocking Beth off the top spot as quickly as she took it.

Last up were last week’s top dogs Ray Quinn and partner Maria dancing flamenco style. Appropriately kitted out in red and black and with a traditional style Spanish flamenco music. With little room to keep their top spot they blew everyone in the studio away and the judges loved it all scoring a perfect score to end the show on at perfect 40 out of 40.

The results show followed at 8.30pm and one celebrity was to hang up their skates after the two with the lowest votes battled it out during the skate off. Another performance from Rebecca Ferguson while this time the professional skaters wowed the crowd. Over to the skate off and this week it ended up being Kyran Bracken and Zarrah Abrahams. Having been in the skate off before Zarrah was used to this but for Kyran it was his first time. They both skated brilliantly leaving the judges with one hell of a decision. In the end it came down to Robin as head judge. Having had two votes for Kyran to stay and one for Zarrah to stay one vote from Robin would have kept Zarrah in and one vote for Kyran would have put him well through. In the end, despite wanting to keep both of them Robin saved Kyran and he is through to next week.

Tune in again next Sunday night ITV1 at 6.15pm to see the next round of skating when another celebrity will exit the ice.

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