Dancing not n-ice

Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner is facing an angry media mob calling for his resignation after telling contestant, Sharron Davies, that she resembled 'faecal matter' on Sunday's show. Davies, a former Olympic athlete, performed the Carole King hit, 'You've got a friend' wearing a brown sequined leotard. While her dance was praised by the other judges, including ex-Spice Girl Emma Bunton, Gardiner stuck the knife in, saying, 'You look like faecal matter that won't flush, that goes around and around but doesn't go anywhere.'

Last week, the Dancing on Ice judge advised Davies that she looked like she was 'possessed by a tree', and was equally cutting to Gordon Ramsey's wife, dubbing her 'as sensuous as a frigid schoolmistress'.

Maybe Gardiner should listen to a bit of Carole King, otherwise he might end up friendless on the rink...

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