Daisy Lowe dishes dirt on Lindsay & Samantha

Whooooops. Having a teenage girlfriend is great, but it can sometimes have it's down sides. Especially if she's not media savvy enough to keep schtum when 'nice journalists' asks her personal questions about her celebrity pals.

Daisy Lowe has taken the bull by the conch and blabbed to a US newspaper about Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson's lesbian affair. Daisy told reporters that Lindsay and Sam's relationship is 'totally genuine' and that they're 'just so sweet together" after Daisy and Mark 'double dated' with the pair in LA. (The Sun)

However, not content with just dishing out her personal opinion, Daisy also gave Mark Ronson's tuppence worth too! “Mark totally approves" she gushed, also adding she doubts they'll all double date again because that would be, like too 'weird'. Ducktape over the mouth next time this little lady's out in public please.

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