Cutting a rug on the evangelical dancefloor

Good to see the Christian church moving with the times. Make that disturbing - but really funny.

The following are a trio of bible thumpers who get right down with the kids by performing a dance during an Evangelical convention. Cue, young-ish guy who thinks he's got a few moves and his two Sarah-Palin esque sidekicks (who look like a couple of ageing air hostesses, only in much worse clothes).

The trio bust out with their r'n'b styled tune (which is in fact a hymn) and perform some of the worst dancing ever known to man, including a moonwalk (with giant slidey bits) and the mother of all shoulder shuffles. They obviously wanted to be popstars when they were young but never got chance because they were always at church. Check it out.

The Renewed Mind is the key to bad dancing.

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