Cut price Elvis

Auction sites such as eBay can be an excellent forum for getting rid of that junk in the attic and making an easy buck in the process, but it can also prove there are a few nutjobs in the world who’ll buy absolutely anything. NME are reporting that one strand, yes just ONE strand of Elvis Presley’s hair has sold at an auction for a staggering £1,055.

The seller of the item, a one Mr. Homer Gill Gilleland, was the former King’s personal barber. He expected to only get £250 for the strand but was pleased when it raised more than 4 times that amount at auctioneers Henry Aldridge And Son’s in Wiltshire on Saturday.

Before you jump the gun and call the buyer an utter lunatic, the single strand comes accompanied with a photograph of Elvis and a certificate of authenticity; so it's not a complete waste of money.

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