Curry and a robot

Peter Crouch has been working hard ever since the vice scandal erupted, to demonstrate to his fiancee Abbey Clancy that he's still the lovable scamp she fell for. And clever Crouch has surmised that the robot dance is a key element in his 'charm' repertoire.

A chatty pal told The Mirror, 'Peter is desperate for another chance but knows he’s not out of the dog house yet. Peter’s not a natural cook so he thought he’d do his best to make a romantic dinner for two. Abbey loves a good curry so he plumped for a korma. The boil-in-the-bag rice could have cost him brownie points but the best bit was pudding. He had a huge electronic robot, imported ages ago from the States – a nod to his robot goal celebration – programmed to waddle over to Abbey, clutching a champagne flute, with her engagement ring attached. Unfortunately, during the dress rehearsal, the robot spilled the contents of the Dom Perignon, so Peter had to use an empty glass. It was still brilliant and succeeded in making Abbey laugh which, frankly, has always been his greatest strength.'

Hmmm, playing the 'Rodney from Only Fools and Horses' card might work with Abbey, but the nation remains to be convinced...

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