Cue a million 'Why, oh why, can't she keep a man?' articles

If you're reading this Kylie, fear not - we are not going to descend to a faux hand-wringing account of your misfortunes with man, a la Jennifer Aniston. Of course, if the only men on your dating books are six foot, hunky models, then they're bound to be a little more tempestuous than, say, Malcolm from HR.

A friend (if not to Kylie, then certainly to the tabloids) said, 'It seems to be the same old story as has plagued many of Kylie's relationships. She worries that she is not worthy of her lover's affection - especially, as has happened this time and in the past, if she is dating a hot young male model. She and Andres had been bickering for a few days. She got quite critical of him, complaining he was not supporting her enough. Andres had enough. He told her it was over, that he did not need that kind of stress in his life.'

Kylie, we say, keep the conveyor belt of 'young hot models' moving. Think of your public - we need the eye candy.

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