Cuckolded Cole

Poor Cheryl Cole. It seems the Girls Aloud singer is the latest WAG to be cheated on by her high-scoring husband. The Mirror reports that Ashley allegedly slept with a hairdresser, after a boozy night out on the tiles. And, guess what, she sold her story to the papers. Classy.

Ash – what have you done? You’ve potentially thrown everything away with your gorgeous, very rich pop star wife for a one-night stand.

In her interview, the woman in question, Aimee Walton, says that Ashley was so drunk he vomited three times – once not even making it to the bathroom, the contents of his stomach landing on the floor beside the bed. Ee-ooooh…

The lovely Aimee then added “It was a big mistake, I feel so sorry for Cheryl.”  I know you must feel awful, but I guess that cheque must make you feel a bit better. The scandal has not been confirmed by either Cheryl or Ashley. If it is true, we know whose side we’re on…

(Image: from YouTube)

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