Cruz’s stage debut

It looks like someone might be stepping into Mummy’s footsteps after his performance on stage last night. So who was the kid stealing the limelight from his attention-grabbing mother? Step up and take a bow, Cruz Beckham.

The Spice Girls did their usual trick of bringing their babies up on stage for their hit “Mama”. But this time little Cruz decided to do an impromptu performance – he launched into a full-on break dance. Mini-Beckham, aged three, who has obviously inherited his mother’s love of the stage and his father’s athleticism, spun around on his head and did flips to the music, while the audience and Spice Girls looked on in amazement.

If you want to see the little tyke wowing the crowds at the concert, of course someone managed to record it all and put it on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. It’s seriously cute! 

So watch out for Cruz. If he’s anything like his parents he’ll probably have his own reality TV show, an album, clothes line and fragrance by the time he’s six…

(Image: from YouTube)

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