Crouching Peter, hidden prostitute

Lanky footballer Peter Crouch will be focussing less on his trademark robot dance, and more on grovelling pathetically to his fiancee, Abi Clancey, after revelations that he got a little too friendly with a teenage prostitute on a pal's stag do.

According to The Daily Mail Peter took the Algerian vice girl, named Monica Mint, back to a hotel, paying her £800. The good news for Peter, however, is that Miss Mint praised his manners, saying, 'Peter was humble and kind. The Spanish players are arrogant divas who treat me like a whore. I don't think Peter is good looking, but he is a nice person. I can't believe he paid for sex with someone like me when he has a gorgeous woman like her at home.'

At least Peter will now have that extra special bond with team-mates John Terry, Ashley Cole and Wayne 'fan of the vintage vice girl' Rooney.

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