Crofty colludes

Last week we had one of the most poetic denials ever by a media spokesperson. John Terry's voicepiece dismissed reports he had cracked on to another woman with the words: 'this did not happen. He told me he has been off the sauce for 18 months.' Well, this week we've got one of the least poetic admittances ever to come out of the no-list world, this time provided by Mark Croft. The wayward taxi driver has admitted to earning some wonga on the side by tipping off the paps about Kerry's movements. He described his actions as 'a bit shi**ty, but worth a few hundred quid'. Great turn of phrase Mark....

And his semi-comedy verbiage didn't end there: 'Kerry went mental when she found out - but it didn't stop me, I don't feel guilty. She said: 'Don't f***** do this to me. It makes me look stupid. I told her we get stuff out of it.' Get stuff out of it...what a cracker.

Crofty also told how he could push Kerry's buttons until the bi-polar reality fodder started 'screaming'. And in case anyone was worried about him turning into a Peter Andre style fabulous celebrity dad post divorce, he won't. He believes that kids 'should be with their mum'.

Easier to tip the paps off that way? We hear a cab radio beckoning....

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