Croft on the prowl

Since being dumped by Kerry Katona, Mark Croft has found it hard to maintain his previous lifestyle. Well, he can't make cash by selling tip offs to the paparrazi anymore, so how's a man supposed to make an honest bob? But, the answer's simple for Croft - sell videos of you and your ex wife having sex, of course! Or 'being rude in bed' as Mark's pal so poetically put it.

A friend of the follically challenged fittie said, 'He has been on to Kerry morning, noon and night threatening her...Mark has got tapes of them having sex recorded on his phone and tapes of her fooling about and stripping and being rude in bed. He's told her that he's going to sell them to a newspaper or magazine or set up his own website and release them on the net to get his own back.'

What a charming man, we can't think why he hasn't been given his own show...

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