Cristiano Ronaldo dumps Nereida Gallardo

Ladies of the night will be rubbing their hands with glee at the news that everyone's favourite footballer and modern slave, Cristiano Ronaldo, has dumped his girlfriend of five months, Nereida Gallardo. The couple were recently snapped on holiday together in Sardinia following Portugal's exit from Euro 2008 but C-Ron is said to have called things off.

It is believed that this year's PFA Player of the year was unhappy over tabloid revelations about Gallardo's past including rumours that she had done the wild thing with Spain defender Sergio Ramos. The fact that C-Ron and Ramos will probably be teammates at Real Madrid next year is said to have been a factor in the break-up.

Ronaldo's mother Dolores is also reported to have been none to pleased about her son's relationship with Gallardo, believing the Spanish glamour model to be nothing more than a gold digger. Well at least now the Portugal winger can get back to his favourite off-field hobby: enjoying a nice Sunday roast with his mates.

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