Cristiano Ronaldo: bleeding ears

World’s greatest footballer, at the peak of his physical fitness, multi-millionaire, fluent in three languages, good looking, full head of hair, don’t you just hate Cristiano Ronaldo? Answer: Yes! Well thankfully there’s one thing the big cry baby is awful at, and that’s singing.

The World Footballer of the Year, who is currently banging in the goals at Real Madrid has lent his vocals to a telly advert. The Portuguese advert for BES bank features Ronaldo singing a cover of ‘Amor Mio’ by Julia Iglesias, and jeez, it makes John & Edward sound like a pair of angels.

"Cristiano would be the first to admit singing is not his forte. Luckily the recording was tongue-in-cheek," a source in the Madrid studio told The Daily Star. Watch the toe-curling snippet from the commercial below...

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