Credit crunch is biting Mucca too

Oh dear. Poor Mucca's burning through her 24.3 million lottery payout like there's no tomorrow and has only got 14.3 mill of it left. She'll be stretched to get through Chrimbo at this rate.

In barely 7 months of receiving the jackpot payout Mucca has reportedly blown £10million on houses, staff, lawyers bills and all round jetsetting. She's even been forced to return cap in hand to Macca to ask him to re-buy her £4mill Sussex house (the running costs of which are too high) so that she and Beatrice can stay there and be closer to Paul. Somewhat miraculously, Macca has agreed.

What a tearjerker, all that cash and Mucca's been reduced to cadging off the ex hubby who made her that rich in the first place. Still, at least Mucca's been doing some good with her winnings. She reportedly splashed £1 million on vegetarian food for undernourished kids in the Bronx. Of course when people are hungry two things they always need are plants and vegetables and not solid, iron filled fodder, like say meat. Still, better than a kick in the face.

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