Credit crunch bites for Heather Mills

The recession has clearly affected the rich as much as us plebs - Heather Mills, recipient of a £24 million divorce pay out from Macca, took part in, and won, freebie tickets to see troubled warbler Whitney Houston in concert. Clever Heather spotted the missing word in a Whitney hit, and reacted with joy on-air, telling the Heart FM DJ, 'That's wonderful. Thank you so much! I can take my girlfriend. I'm really excited.'

When contacted about the win, Mill's 'people' saw the potential for another PR gaffe and said she would give away the ticket, 'Heather entered the competition to win the tickets for an 82-year-old mother of a friend. I think Heather does enjoy Whitney, but she knew someone who wanted the tickets more than her - her friend is a massive Whitney fan. Since the event was sold out she thought this would be a good opportunity to really cheer her up.'

Let's hope the octagenarian Whitney fan (who must surely be one of Houston's oldest followers) has a ball...

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