Creaky Boards : Coldplay nicked our song

Until recently, Creaky Boards were just a hilariously named American indie band that noone had ever heard of. Now they're likely on course for a nice fat recording deal thanks to their YouTube video which tries to demonstrate Coldplay nicked their song.

The band claim they 'might' have seen Chris Martin in the crowd at one of their gigs, big ears pricked, notebook in hand, and scribbling down every chord of their aptly named, 'Songs I Forgot to Write'.

Huuuum. Although Viva La Vida and 'Songs I Forgot To Write' sound a bit the same in the verse, the chorus certainly isn't a dead ringer. In fact the songs sound similar in a way that most music from various eras sounds the same. Post sixties when there's not much left that hasn't already been done in popular music, that's kind of what happens? So in a nutshell thats a no, we don't think Creaky Boards have a case. Plus we don't like the lead singer's teeth. Thoughts?

Check out the YouTube vid - Coldplay steal Creaky Board's song

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