Crazy cooincidence: Robbie Williams visited by UFO after recording 'alien' track

Isn't it a strange cooincidence that people who fervently believe in UFOs often see them, but people who don't manage to go through a whole life without ever bearing witness to one? And isn't it funnier still that of all the places in the whole world to visit, aliens usually only drop by LA?

Well those are thoughts that have never quite occurred to Robbie Williams. The beardy alien hunter has confessed to seeing yet another UFO directly after recording the song 'Arizona' in LA. Quite cooincidentally, 'Arizona' is about aliens.

“I had just finished writing a song called Arizona, which is about alien abduction, when there was this glow. It was magic” said Robbie of the strange light which drifted into the LA recording studio after he'd laid the track.

The Sun claim that next stop on Robbie's international alien hunt is the sea. Robbie plans to straddle a jet ski and take to the waters in the search of the countless extra terrestrials reported to have landed there by other LA residents who also have the ability to see UFOs. Happy hunting!

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