Cowell's rage at vice girl

It doesn’t take a lot to get Simon Cowell angry: usually an off-key warbler or a group of young revellers waking him up is enough to get the man all red in the face, raising an eyebrow in pure, camera melting rage. So it should come as no surprise that the man is not very happy at all at X Factor contestant Chloe Victoria, who has been using her fame from the show to solicit sex.

The vice girl wrote on ‘adult’ website Sex in the UK ‘I want to meet guys and girls for nothing but dirty fun. I’ve just been on X Factor 2010... yes into the next round just keeping it real. I can sing, dance yes like a sl*t too and I’ve loads of norty (sic) outfits.’ As you can imagine, Cowell is not best pleased at her using a family show to get men to pay her for bedroom fun.

‘Simon will give anyone a chance in the show and he has been really supportive of Chloe but he made it clear this was all to stop during the show,’ said an insider to The Sunday Mirror. ‘He was livid at finding out this may not have been the case at bootcamp. He’d never rule someone out for their past, but bootcamp is meant to be about everyone focusing completely.

‘If someone is serious about winning this competition and having a singing career then they would know that bootcamp is one of the most important weeks of their life. Simon felt sorry for Chloe at first. But sympathy can wear thin if someone doesn’t appreciate it. You can expect a major showdown.’

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