Cowell's harem

It's that time of year when Britain shivers, and the not so great and good millionaires of this land jet off to Barbados, to look smug while chomping on oysters. And yet again, Simon has scurried to Sandy Lane, trailing his ex-girlfriends and current squeeze, Mish Hussainy behind him. Though apparently, all is not well in the Cowell camp.

According to The Daily Mail, Simon's harem of exes are currently at war on the sunny strips of Barbardos. Sinatta recently tweeted, ‘If this was Dynasty, I seem to have found myself cast as Alexis! Against type but a great role. So lights, camera - action!’

Meanwhile, a pal of Simon's told the paper that yet another Cowell romance has hit the skids, due to his lack of willingness to hand over the ring, 'He isn’t smitten any more. He and Mish don’t have a romantic ­relationship - they are just friends.’ A few weeks ago, when reporters quizzed the TV overlord about his wedding date, asking, ‘When’s the big day?’ Simon answered, ‘What big day?’.

We have a feeling that the only lass Cowell would commit to is our own Geordie (soon to be LA) princess, Chezza Cole...

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