Cowell's gagging order

We've always known that Simon Cowell, the dark overlord of reality telly, is a little controlling, but if rumours are true, the hairy handed one is taking control to unheard levels of paranoia. Apparently, not only does Cowell employ a team of minions whose job it is to bury any negative press on the internet, but a former music exec mysteriously had his blog pulled after criticising Cowell's heavy handed tactics.

According to The Mirror, the music exec, who previously worked for Universal Music and EMI in Asia, wrote a subtly titled blog called, 'Why American Idol Is Better Off Without Simon Cowell' comparing Cowell to Sarah Palin and dubbing him 'horribly uncool.' The blog promptly vanished without a trace...

Simon is apparently 'humoured by the ridiculous story', while a friend of Cowell said, 'He'd never do anything like that - but I'm sure he will be delighted to hear that these Google searches about him are so positive.'

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