Cowell trousers £120million

As the old song goes, ‘some guys have all the luck’. It’s a tune that could have been written specifically for reality TV/pop mogul Simon Cowell, who has just put pen to paper on a monstrous £100million deal to keep The X factor and Britain’s Got Talent on ITV’s airwaves until 2013.

The quite staggering sum, which when combined with a personal appearances deal he is due to sign adds up to a whopping £120million, and ends speculation that he was due to give up both shows in order to concentrate on US X Factor. The high-waistbanded-one was ‘thrilled to conclude this deal with ITV to enable our relationship to continue to develop. I'm committed to making sure both shows get bigger and better every year.’ Counting that lovely money too, we bet.

‘The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent have helped define the last decade of television in the UK,’ said ITV head honcho Peter Fincham, trying to justify the enormous outlay. ‘They have become more than just a talking point - they are a national obsession. I'm delighted our viewers can continue to enjoy them on ITV over the next three years.’

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