Cowell pitches a drama to the BBC

The man with the strangest hairstyle in British television is back to his old tricks, and trying out some new ones. Simon Cowell’s latest machinations involve courting the BBC to take an interest in his latest project, a drama series.

Never a man to acknowledge his own limitations, Cowell now fancies himself as the next JJ Abrams or Josh Whedon, according to a report in The Mirror. Cowell, sulking at a perceived lack of support from ITV for the latest series of Britain’s Got Talent, is contemplating pitching the idea to the BBC and called the BBC1 controller to start negotiations.

"Simon rang Danny Cohen to congratulate him on how well The Voice was doing," a source revealed. "He then said he had a great idea for a brilliant drama and outlined it. He's gone off to do a proposal and it will be treated like any other idea from an independent production company. If it's brilliant then great. We'll see a treatment then get it developed in the normal way."

Apart from the rampant hypocrisy of Cowell calling Cohen to congratulate him after weeks of lambasting the BBC for daring to commission The Voice, there is plenty wrong with this scenario. Cohen doesn’t want to become another one of Cowell’s pawns.

"We're happy to talk," a BBC insider told the paper, "but there's a feeling we could be being used in Cowell's ongoing war with ITV. Cowell wants the BBC to know he could be working with us - this is his way of flexing his pecs and showing them he has options. Danny doesn't want to be played off by Cowell."

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