Cowell offers Christine Bleakley Xtra Factor job?

Simon Cowell has offered One Show presenter Christine Bleakley £200,000 to host The X Factor spin off The Xtra Factor according to the truth merchants over at Heat magazine.

Former One Show presenter Adrian Chiles recently decided to jump ship to ITV and now it appears that the commercial broadcaster are attempting to tempt Bleakley with the offer of hosting GMTV, the Xtra Factor and a big wad of cash.

X Factor judge Amanda Holden backed the possible switch: ‘She's fantastic. I don't blame ITV for trying to get hold of her because she's brilliant. We first met at a random dinner.’

‘Simon was invited to 10 Downing Street - it was an informal meeting with Gordon Brown - and Christine came. I just hogged her all night. I think the BBC should try to keep hold of her, but The Xtra Factor is an amazing gig.’

An unnamed source also gave their two cents worth to Heat: ‘Christine has become close to Simon over the past year. She knew getting in with him would be the key to career success.’

‘She made an effort to say nice things about him in the press, then she became matey with Amanda Holden - which is a stepping stone to Cowell himself.’

The mystery source added: ‘Now he's offered to double her £100,000-a-year contract to take over from Holly Willoughby on The Xtra Factor Simon has marked her out for the top and she has told friends, 'I can be bigger than Cheryl [Cole]'.’

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