Cowell annoyed with Lloyd?

That Cher Lloyd is a rebellious young thing, and make no mistake. At an age (17) when we were still sporting M and S floral tracksuits, Cher has her 'swag on' - as we think 'the young' call it - and has incurred the wrath of Simon Cowell by dating, which is, as we all know, against X Factor rules and regulations. Young Lloyd is apparently smitten with an Essex boy named Karim Roundi.

An eagle-eyed source told The Sun, 'They met after one of the shows when Paije and Cher both performed. They kept in touch and hooked up properly after the final when she whisked him back to the May Fair hotel in London. They're besotted with each other. He's been saying he wants to move in with her as she's moving to London for her music...He's always going to clubs and is known as an 'Essex socialite'.'

Hmm, anyone who styles themself an 'Essex socialite' needs to be given a wide berth, we'd advise...

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