Cowell and Coldplay: musical bedfellows

Hairy TV overlord Simon Cowell, and sensitive rockers Coldplay might not immediately appear to be natural sonic bedfellows. After all, Cowell made his name with those singing squaddies 'Robson and Jerome', while Coldplay (in the early days at least) worked hard to garner critical praise. However, both have been inspired by the very same cheesy 70s song, Peter Allen's 'I Go To Rio'.

Coldplay's new single 'Every Teardrop is a Waterfall' and Cowell's first hit, Mystic's 'Ritmo de la Noche' have strikingly similar melodies and use the same cheesy disco beat. Coldplay have even been forced to pay royalties to the original composers.

Listen to the three tracks below:

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