Cowell and Beckham do a Claire Rayner at the Oscars

British stars were gathered at the Vanity Fair Oscar's party, but it seems that instead of carousing the night away, drinking vintage champagne and attempting desperately to get their 10 seconds with Sandie or Jeff, they were instead lining up to give journos nuggets of advice for Cheryl Cole.

Simon Cowell told the Daily Mail,'She's a friend and you're always going to be there for friends. She's going through a hard time, but you know, she's a strong girl. I've been in touch and I'm there for her. You've got to do what feels right for you.'

Lady Beckham said, 'I support Cheryl 100 per cent. I have not spoken to her, but I'm always there for her. I'm behind her - I feel for anyone going through a tough time.'

Does anyone else think that Vicky 'I feel for anyone going through a tough time' Beckham is beginning to sound increasingly like the Queen? A worrying but potentially hilarious development...

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