Cowell accused of hiding £2 billion

Simon Cowell has been implicated in a court battle between a billionaire tycoon and his ex wife. Michelle Young has accused her husband, Scott of stashing millions in American Idol shares, in order to keep them from being declared in any divorce settlements.

According to The Mirror, Mrs Young made the dramatic accusation in court, also pointing the finger at Sir Philip Green and Richard Caring. The judge told her, 'You have to be careful when you make allegations that well-known people have been involved in criminal conspiracy.' He then asked, 'Are they hiding other assets of significant value other than American Idol? Mrs Young replied, 'Yes, but I am told I will never find out the truth because these people are powerful.'

However, Simon's spokesman denied the claims, saying 'These ­allegations are completely untrue and our lawyers are contacting Mrs Young about her ­statements.'

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