Courtney Loves herself

It's nice to have employment options isn't it? While most of us nurture pipe-dreams of one day going part time, or scratching together a steady enough rostrum of freelance work to be able to work guilt free, from the sofa, Courtney Love has bigger fish to fry. The poor love can't decide between moviestardom and rockstardom.

Apparently, there was a time in the nineties (presumably when she wasn't bedding Kate Moss or Gavin Rossdale) that she was the most in demand actress on the block. Yes, never mind real movie stars, who were busy scooping up juicy roles while Love was high as kite, The Hole singer was top of every Hollywood producer's wishlist.

Courtney says: 'When I first started acting I passed on The Matrix, on L.A. Confidential. I passed on a lot of stuff because I really wasn't ready to pass on the rock thing. I'm still not ready to give that up but I'd like to do the acting part-time.'

Acting part-time? Courtney, we think they're called 'extras'..

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