Courtney Loves attention

Oh dear. If you've seen Courtney Love's latest Facebook photos, you'd be forgiven for thinking that she's got a blue movie out that urgently needs promoting. In the first photo, The Hole star appears 90% naked (the remaining ten percent is leopard skin suspenders) and on all fours while a model resembling Ivana Trump looks on. The dodgy tableau is completed by a whip, hovering over poor Courtney's derriere.

While the photos appear to be old, this is classic, 'I'm still sexy, even at 45!' fare. The irony is - we didn't even know - or care, Courtney's age until she tried to shave a few years off it by reminding us how 'crrrrazy' she once was. Being a household name, we suggest she enjoys the fruits of her labour - getting to the front of guest-lists and being wheeled out on those 'Best of' shows to talk about her halcyon days through misty eyes. That's worth a thousand dodgy Facebook snaps in PR gold....

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