Countdown Quitter

It’s only a mid-afternoon telly show that tests the basics of arithmetic and spelling, but Countdown has a genuine love and affection from anyone that comes from the UK. We say anyone, we mean only students and pensioners. The rest of us have jobs.

Since Richard Whitely departed the host’s hotseat, Channel 4 have tried a couple of different presenters to helm the nerds, but it’s just been announced it’s current host Jeff ‘the legend’ Stelling will be stepping down before the year is out. Talking to Tenerife's Oasis FM, Jeff said; ‘I'll give you a little world exclusive. Because I'm doing the Champions League for Sky next season I've actually resigned from Countdown and I'll be finishing at the end of December.

Adding; ‘You've got to really have your priorities and my priority is football. I love it, and Soccer Saturday, so I've committed myself very much to that next season.’

Jeff ‘The Legend’ Stelling first started presenting Countdown in 2009.

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