Councillor launches campaign against baggy pants

Are you offended by the trend of low-hanging pants, complete with obsolete belt, to reveal boxer shorts and most of the offending trend-setters' rear end? If so you'll be delighted with the news that Dallas city councillor Dwaine Caraway has launched a one man campaign against baggy pants.

Caraway even went as far as organising a summit against baggy, boxer revealing trousers in his home town last week. One reformed saggy trouser bum merchant told reporters that the trend had gone too far: "Come on, man, I don't want to see your dirty boxers that you've had on for two or three days. I mean, really."

The low-hanging, baggy trouser issue has become so serious that even the President-elect of the US, Barack Obama, has given his two cents worth. He told MTV that: "brothers should pull up their pants." So come on everyone: "All we are saying, is give belts a chance!"

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