Could this be the tackiest man in the world?

It appears that Jack Tweed could do with some fatherly advice from old Max Clifford - as Tweed's attempts at career and rep rehabilitation in the wake of the rape scandal seem a little misguided. Jack has jetted off to Marbella for a 'lad's holiday' and in the process, has attracted the attentions of every 'stunna' in the vicinity, with an eye on a tabloid deal.

Unrepentant Jack said, 'I'm a 22-year-old boy, you only live once. But I'm not going to live how I was living, I'm still going to have a few nights out, and I'm still going to go on holiday with my mates because I've not been away for two years. I don't wanna waste my life.'

'But everywhere I go there's always someone trying to get you on their phone. When I go out now, I can't drink a beer any more because I get scared of someone taking a photo and then in the paper the next day it'll be 'Jack's on the booze again.' I drink vodka and lemonade, so it looks like lemonade.'

It looks like your fiendishly clever trick might be out in the open now, Jack...

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