Could Monica and Chandler from Friends be a reality?

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What could be better than Monica and Chandler hooking up on the hit sitcom Friends? How about the pair of them pairing up in real life? Rumours are spreading the Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry may have something going on between them in real life.

After being introduced to Snow Patrol guitarist Johnny McDaid through their mutual friend, Ed Sheeran, they stayed together for 2 years but have since gone their separate ways. About a month ago 51 year-old Cox and McDaid split after not being able to resolve whether they should live in LA or in the UK.

The break up was difficult for Cox and is said to have confided in her close friend Matthew Perry. A source from the US Magazine Star said “Matthew invited her over to talk one night, and they ended up hooking up!” There is also a photo floating around of Chandler adoringly looking at Monica paired with a photo of Matthew looking at Courtney the exact same way while out for coffee.

The pair co-starred in Friends which ran from 1994 until 2004. Throughout the decade long series Monica Geller played by Cox and Chandler Bing played by Perry hook up, get married, adopt children and eventually decide they need to move away from the city. Fans have always wanted the two to hook up in real life so the chance that Mondler could be a reality is rather exciting!

Cox was married to David Arquette from 1999-2012 and together have one daughter. 51 year-old Perry’s last relationship was with actress Lizzy Caplan which ended in 2012. Cox and Perry have been very close friends helping each other through Perry’s struggle with drug addiction and Cox’s divorce.

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