Could Gav-lotte reunite?

Those who are weeping and wailing at the destruction of yet another gilded celeb pairing, may have reason to keep the faith. Seriously, are Richard and Judy all we have left to keep our belief in relationships alive? Gavin Henson and Charlotte Church - Gavlotte, if you will - have agreed to not make any hasty decisions, and are taking 'a few months break', to see if they can patch things up.

A friend said, ‘It is still early days, but Charlotte and Gavin do love each other - it’s not impossible that they will get back together again. They are taking a few months off and will then see how they feel. They don’t want to throw away five years together in the blink of an eye. They just need some distance at the moment.'

Though in a possible dig at Henson - who has flown off to Benidorm (no sniggering please) for a lads holiday a la Jack Tweed - the friend said, 'She just wants to stay at home with the children and keep things on an even keel while things get sorted out. The last thing on her mind right now is flying off to the sun with her girlfriends.'

A wise decision Charlotte; Gavin's orange enough for the both of you.

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