Costa del Cole

It looks like 'Project Win Back Chezza' is coming on apace for Ashley. Cheryl has been staying at his pad - the aptly named Hurtmore House - while he enjoys a 'lads weekend' in the USA, and now rumours swirl that the pair are close to publicly annoucing their reunion. Apparently, Ashley is keen to move to a Spanish club, and take his Girls Aloud amour along for the ride.

A source told The Mirror, 'Ashley has told friends he sees his future abroad and he wants to persuade Cheryl to come with him. It all boils down to what Cheryl wants, but the early signs are she would be up for the idea. She’s found living in the UK to be fraught especially with so much ‘negativity’ towards her now. But abroad, she could lead her life at her own pace. That’s appealing to say the least.' Cheryl and Ashley have considered Madria and Barcelona as options.

So it looks like the pair might be em-Barc-ing on a new adventure. Olé!

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