Corrie sketch 'brilliant'

Yesterday we saw the frankly nightmarish news that a Coronation Street sketch is due to be filmed for barrel-scraping judgement-fest Jeremy Kyle. Truly, if ever there was a sign of the coming apocalypse, it would be David Platt, in character, being berated by the frustrated former concentration camp guard of reality television, prodding, poking and generally making people feel bad. Television has finally got so far up its own backside that it’s eating itself. Come, Horsemen! Come and devour us, wash us in fire!

Kyle, meanwhile, is relatively chipper about the whole deal. Apparently the man himself is a big fan of ‘Corrie’, presumably because it paints a 1950s version of Manchester that doesn’t exist anymore, free from any brown faces (heaven forbid) or gun crime. Meanwhile, some bloke called Percy Clegg or something has fallen over in the corner shop – classic Corrie humour.

‘(My producers) know that I'm a massive Corrie fan,’ said Kyle, while prodding a poor person in the eye with a twig. ‘It's the only thing I really watch. I Sky+ it and I watch it on Sunday night and I'm the biggest, biggest Corrie fan. It (lasted) about 15 minutes and all I can tell you is that there's a lie detector and it's genuinely real. It's brilliant, it's fantastic. They stayed in character the whole time and for me, it was everything I could ever have dreamt of.’

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