Corrie blimey!

Forget X Factor, who cares about 'I'm a celeb'? The real 'gather around the water cooler' subject du jour is Coronation Street's 50th anniversary live episode, and the cruel assassination of the show's most beloved characters. Last night's installment saw the untimely deaths of Ashley Peacocks and Molly Dobbs on the Weatherfield cobbles.

According to The Daily Mail, the mistakes included: Fiz's newly born baby being identified as the wrong sex; it was a girl not a boy (an eagle-eyed Diana Vickers tweeted, 'ooop mistake in corrie. Someone said the baby was a boy! INCORRECT'). Sally Webster was told to wear a hard hat in order to visit Molly, but (gasp) failed to do so. And most clangingly of all, disabled Izzy Armstrong, who has been wheelchair bound all her life, stood up without fanfare.

All in all, though the live episode has been declared more successful than Eastenders' attempt last year, which was strewn with bloopers, or as they call it at the Beeb 'Aunties Bloomers' fodder'.

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