Corpus Christie stripped of University Challenge title

Corpus Christie College, Oxford, this year's winners of University Challenge, have been stripped of their title after it was discovered that one of their team had already left university.

The team hit the headlines last week thanks to the record breaking performance by their captain Gail Trimble who scored a record 15 starters-for-10, but now all eyes are on her team-mate Sam Kay.

Kay graduated in June 2008 and was working as an account when the final was filmed back in January. After confirming the facts Granada decided to give this year's University Challenge title to the runners up, Manchester University.

BBC and Granada explained their decision in a statement released today: "The University Challenge rules on student eligibility are that students taking part must be registered at their university or college for the duration of the recording of the series. Whilst obviously not intending to, Corpus Christi broke this important rule where other universities and colleges taking part adhered to it."

The statement continued: "We therefore find ourselves in the regrettable position of having no choice but to disqualify Corpus Christi from the final. This means they forfeit their hard-fought title, which now goes to the Manchester University team."

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