Coronation Street star Chris Fountain urged to apologise again

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Coronation Street star Chris Fountain is being pressured to apologise on live TV for offensive rap videos he filmed a year ago. There has been widespread condemnation for songs which feature gruesome lyrics glorifying rape and extreme violence.

Fountain's musical alter ego is The Phantom, and he is obviously pained that the embarrassing footage has appeared on YouTube. He apologised profusely and has been suspended from the soap, but now there are calls for him to appear on Daybreak or This Morning to complete his rehabilitation.

"These videos are disgusting and bosses need to work out exactly how to handle the situation," a Coronation Street insider told the Sunday Mirror. "Chris is hoping the fact that they are ­suggesting he might go on TV to make a grovelling ­apology is a sign that they could see a future for him. He knows the ­severity of what has ­happened. He’s very upset by the distress caused to the show, its fans and anybody else."

The soap is in danger of running out of cast regulars. William Roache, who plays Ken Barlow and Michael Le Vell, who plays Kevin Webster, were suspended while awaiting trial on sex offences. Fountain is facing mixed reactions from fellow cast members.

"The cast are split. It has hit a nerve," the Street source said. "Older members think what Chris has done is revolting. Younger members feel sorry for him. They know he has been stupid but they don't think he should be punished as much as he has."

In Coronation Street, Fountain plays Tommy Duckworth, the boyfriend of Michelle Keegan's character Tina. With Keegan planning to leave the soap, Fountain has already voiced fears that his character could be written out. That could happen sooner than he anticipated if the rap row refuses to go away.

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