Coronation Street misses out on listed status

One of Britain’s best-loved streets has been refused listed status. Coronation Street in Weatherfield has been turned down by English Heritage, partly on the spurious grounds that it happens to be fictional.

The soap street has been part of the British landscape for half a century. It was thought that the longevity and popularity of the TV soap might have influenced English Heritage’s decision, but it was not to be.

The rejection was partly due to constant changes undergone by the set in order to bring the Street up to date, and to accommodate film crews. "Most of the houses do not have interiors and therefore exist as facades," the English Heritage judgement read, "and most of those have been altered. The set as it stands today is an active reminder of the long-running television programme, rather than a survival of an earlier era of television productions."

"There is no question that Coronation Street is a television institution and holds a huge place in many people's hearts," Nick Bridgland, of English Heritage, said. "While listing is not appropriate for the set, a better solution could be for a local group or organisation with an interest to care for it and allow fans from all over the world to visit and enjoy it."

The set is under threat because the makers, Granada, are planning to move their productions to Media City in Salford, alongside the BBC. "We continue to consider the future of the Coronation Street set ahead of our planned move to Media City," a Granada spokesperson said.

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