Corey Haim : Victoria Beckham kiss and tell

We've all got embarrassing exes in our closet that we wouldn't like ending up on YouTube. But 'Space Ace', aka 80s car crash Corey Haim has to take the cake.

Victoria Beckham and Corey Haim were together for the briefest of publicity stunts back in 1995 when Vicky was on the cusp of Spice Girls fame and Corey on the road to nowhere. But Corey clawed it back from the abyss (!) and has now become the latest crowned King of YouTube by way of an unintentionally hilarious kiss and tell about Victoria Beckham.

Haim reminisces about staying over at Victoria's parental home, her creeping into his room at night to practice her extra special kissing technique, and lots of other very random stuff that he can't remember is actually true because he was too off his box at the time. 'I wish I could meet Take That' he groans wistfully at the end. Rehab never worked for Corey. Enjoy.

Corey Haim - kiss and tell Victoria Beckham

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